Safety and Hygiene Concept

The current pandemic poses extraordinary challenges to us all and also calls upon us as a hotel to take responsibility. In these challenging times, we have revised and strengthened our strict cleanliness and hygiene regulations in order to implement an even more comprehensive hygiene strategy!


Safety and Hygiene Concept

Access limitation and distance control
In the lobby we pay attention to a limited maximum number of people present. In addition, distance zones have been marked and guests as well as employees are urgently requested to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

Duty to wear masks 
All of our staff wear mouth-nose masks and we ask our guests to wear masks as well. Disposable masks can be provided free of charge.

Hand hygiene
Disinfectant dispensers are available at all entrance areas, the lifts and in the One Lounge areas. In addition, our staff is obligated to disinfect or thoroughly wash their hands at regular intervals.

Comprehensive virus control and disinfection
For all hotel areas, the already high cleaning standards were revised and supplemented by additional disinfection measures and strict rules of conduct. Among other things, we now use hospital-proven disinfectant to disinfect surfaces in the rooms and the Lounge. 

Contactless payment
Please use the possibility to pay by credit card on site or book on our website and pay directly online. You will receive the invoice conveniently by e-mail as a pdf file and only need to pick up your prepared room card at the reception.

If you have had contact with persons with Covid-19 cases in the last 14 days and also contact with persons with non-specific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms, regardless of the severity, we politely ask you to postpone your visit to us until a later date on the basis of official requirements and to prevent the spread of Covid-19.   Should you develop symptoms during your stay at the Hotel, we politely ask that you leave the Hotel after settling the bill. 

Please adhere to the minimum safe distance and wear protection over your mouth and nose in public areas. In this way you can protect yourself and other people.

Sitting together without adhering to minimum social distancing of 1.5m is only permitted for people to whom the general restriction on contact does not apply as a result of their relationship to one another (e.g. people from the same household).

Our employees are instructed to maintain the distance of 1.5m and to avoid direct contact (e.g. shaking hands). Please do not consider this a sign of unfriendliness, and rather see it as valuing your health.

We are doing our best to be able to offer you the usual personal service, even if that means keeping to the legally ordered distance and our respective obligations.

We wish you a great stay with us!